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Alex T - MSC Coach

Chicago, IL – MS4 Chicago Medical School

Melissa Hughes - MSC Coach

Peer Fellow (TA equivalent), President of the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group


Nicole Gousy coach of Medical School Companion

Nicole Gousy - MSC Coach

Attained a Dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Neuroscience and Medical Science, Bay Path University

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Jon Edwards - MSC Coach

Medical School Companion Logo

Thomas H - MSC Coach

Allyson Dougherty tutor from Medical School Companion

Allyson Dougherty - MSC Coach

Oviedo, FL – University of Florida Gator Grad


Edward Dougherty IV Trained Coach from Medical School Companion

Edward Dougherty IV - MSC Coach

Oviedo, FL – University of Florida Gator Grad


Philip Stone Coach from Medical School Companion

Philip Stone - MSC Coach

Miami, FL – University of Florida Grad


Tara Knisely is tutor from Medical School Companion

Tara Knisely - MSC Coach

Lapeer, MI – Michigan State University Grad


Koriante T. Rogers is a Coach from Medical School Companion

Koriante T. Rogers - MSC Coach

Melfa, VA – University of Maryland

Pelumi Ade-kolawole is Coach from Medical School Companion

Pelumi Ade-kolawole - MSC Coach

Sam Houston State University Grad

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