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A textbook guide of neuroanatomy for the basic sciences and the USMLE® and COMLEX® exams. This textbook's primary goal is to present clinical and functional anatomy to student doctors and health professionals in an efficient manner. It is written by Dr. Jack Wilson with attention to student learning and holistic engagement for medical education.

Jack Wilson, Phd

Medical Genetics
A simple, easily understandable review of the key topics of medical genetics for medical students and practitioners. Everything you need for great board scores including pedigree analysis and its complications, aneuploidy, Hardy-Weinberg analysis and indirect genetic diagnosis. Complete with after-chapter practice questions and solutions so you can ace the Boards.

Mary Ruebush, Phd

The world of medical microbiology is hugely important to success on the boards and in the wards. Review the anatomy and physiology of all the major microbial pathogens with a view toward the diagnosis, treatment and clinical management of the infectious diseases.

Mary Ruebush, Phd

A rapid review of medical immunology focusing on everything you need to know to understand how the immune system works. Everything you need for great board scores and a life-long understanding of the use of immunology in vaccination, hypersensitivity and immunodeficiency diseases, transplantation and laboratory diagnostics.

Mary Ruebush, Phd

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